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Never Thought I Could Ever Be 

As a girl and throughout my young adult years, I struggled with my identity. Labeled by the words of loveless people, I thought I was the thing I was being called and acted in accordance with what “they” said I was. The struggle with a negative self-image was engraved within my spirit at a young age and then continued to grow through the evil deeds of others. 


These experiences caused great anguish and pain as I fought to understand all I had endured. The storms seemed to continue to grow in my life. The harder I tried to push through the winds and the rain, the darker the clouds became. I fought in my own strength until I appeared beaten and bruised by this world. I needed shelter, a healer, and a Savior. 


It wasn’t until I came to an understanding of who Jesus was in my life that I began to see clearly. I began to feel the genuine and unconditional love of a Father who was gentle and kind—able to stand firmly on solid ground, knowing that He was able to keep me. 


If this passage resonates with you, then I invite you to read how God brought me through.

The book is a truly transparent account of struggles experienced by a young woman that carried on throughout adulthood. Despite the world falling down around her,  the author gained strength from the word of God and overcame her struggles. The author finally understood her true self. 

Debra M.

Presious C.

Dr. Crawford's book is a must-read! It is a story of survival, perseverance, as well as God's miraculous works and unfailing love. It is one of the most eloquently conveyed love stories between the author and Christ, and between the author and herself.

This book offers encouragement and a dose of strength for individuals in all stages of life. The author deserves a seat at the table with David Goggins. If you gained value from "Can't Hurt Me", you need to read "Never Thought I Could Ever Be" next.

K.  Fury

The book was a look into the life of a person who shared experiences that others would sometimes feel that no one would understand. The books lets people know they are not alone. The book was very relatable. 

Allison R.

Let me tell you Babe. No stone was left unturned.

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