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Your Destiny Awaits

People often talk about destiny. They are destined to do this or that in their lives, but what does the concept mean. Really? Let’s talk about it. Merriam-Webster states that destiny is “a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency”. How do we interpret this to own personal lives? Is it a goal setting idea? Do we tap into some higher power to understand how to achieve this intangible sense of being? Is it a feeling of accomplishment?

According to its meaning, destiny is something that will just happen because it is predetermined. Predetermined by who or what? I often tell my children that there is greatness in their bellies. I tell them to tap into this greatness in order to accomplish what they are meant to do. Is the fact that I love them and want them to be successful in life part of their predestined course to achieving their destiny?

Is it spiritually based on how God sees us? Is it how we see ourselves? Is destiny and purpose intertwined? For me personally, I see purpose as that thing I was born to do. The thing that I dwell on day and night that keeps me moving forward. Once we understand the purpose for our lives does that mean we are also on our way to achieving our destiny?

If Merriam-Webster says it’s predetermined, how do we transform the course of our lives to see what we, in essence, are destined to become? This is particularly important for those in negative situations. Are the current situations part of the plan? Must we suffer to understand how great the future will be or is this God‘s way of helping us appreciate the journey?  The answers lie within each of us and are often guided by our choices and beliefs.

Wherever you are in the journey to destiny there are several suggestions to help guide you:

Tap Into A Higher Power

When we place God first, it helps us to put our current situations into perspective. Developing a relationship with God is where we draw strength and guidance to help us on our journey.


Surround yourself with likeminded people.  You want to be around positive focused and goal-oriented individuals who want to succeed at life and those who have a desire to mentor you. In other words, surround yourself with individuals who have a winning attitude.


What do you see for yourself and those around you? Dreamers can see their futures. Joseph was a dreamer and became the second in command in Egypt (Genesis 41). We have to manifest what we want for our lives.

Stay The Course

The bible says faith without works is dead (James 2:26). Work toward your goals. Whether you crawl or take baby steps as long as you keep moving forward. Setbacks will happen. That’s life. Strive to maintain the progress.  

Seek Wisdom

The Bible states in all your getting - get understanding (Proverbs 4:7). Soak up wisdom like a sponge and allow it to overflow in your life until your cup runs over. Then you will be able to guide others.


Whatever destiny is for each of us, it must be accompanied by intentional and actionable follow through. What are you doing to achieve destiny?

Your destiny awaits!


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