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Welcome to The Katrice Factor!


Hello, my name is Dr. Katrice Crawford. I am an educator, author, criminal justice practitioner, nonprofit founder, mother, wife, sister, and friend. As people we wear many hats and have numerous responsibilities. If you have read the book ‘Never Thought I Could Ever Be’, then you know the way we start is not how we finish.  I have endured many struggles in my life. I, like many others, have had to make sacrifices for my family while trying to make something of myself. I was successful in that through the grace of God. Now I am in a position to sow into others.

I have worked in various roles within the criminal justice system, I am affiliated with the military, and I currently teach criminal justice and social science courses. I have seen so much while working within the criminal justice field regarding the manner justice-involved individuals are viewed and treated. As a result, I felt the urge to do something to add value to our youth who have had contact with the juvenile justice system as a way of reaching them before it is too late. Out of this desire, Changing Pathways of Justice-Involved Youth was born. This nonprofit is geared toward juveniles who have been sentenced under Alabama juvenile court system and provides educational resources to change their trajectory.

I started this blog to discuss real life topics regarding real life issues that matter to me, the justice-involved youth I’m trying so desperately to reach, and our communities. So, I encourage you to take this journey with me and see how we can impact lives together.

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